Who we are:

Camp Journey staff and volunteers are made up of a variety of individuals from our community.

Camp Journey began in 2005 when a group of individuals from Brainerd Noon Rotary Club partnered with Confidence Learning Center in hopes of filling a need in our community. They set out with the intent to companion children and teens as they learned how to grieve after someone they loved had died. Camp Journey was an opportunity to provide these kids fun camp activities, learned coping skills and the likeness of other kids who had experienced something similar.

The individuals who support and facilitate Camp Journey are deeply passionate about the companioning of these children and teens. As much we love the impact we get to make, this camp isn’t about us or what we even do. It’s not an intense weekend therapy session or even a highly structured support group. Instead, this weekend is all about them. It is truly an experience to watch each of these Campers in such a short period of time, find their preferred role in the group, build fast friendships and finally feel like the peers surrounding them just get it. They don’t have to explain how they can laugh and cry and be angry and happy all within the same 10 minutes. They don’t have to try and ‘fit in’ or pretend its okay when its not. This group, year after year, are the most accepting, audacious, funny, and gentle souled individuals. Its quite beautiful to witness and we are honored to be witness to these Campers learning what mourning well can look like for them. And by the end of it, we hope all our Campers can return home feeling genuinely seen, deeply known, and a little less lonely on this big blue rock we call home.

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